EP2 – Data vizualization is everywhere !

Hello people,

Just got out of some great venture section camping (venture: scout section for the 15.5 to 18 years old members). Hiked for some 50 km trek and came to the conclusion that simple projects like those can be mapped via awesome infographics. So above is the infographic and below some juicy details to be shared. Let us resume it as my first data visualization article.

Some random figures :

  • The team : 2 leaders, 3 girls and 6 boys venture scouts;
  • The duration : Thursday 23/02/17 @ 19:00 to Sunday 26/02/17 @ 15:00; and
  • The itinerary : Quatre-Bornes to Curepipe (Bus), Curepipe to Grand-Bassin (hike), Grand-Bassin to Plaine-Champagne Road (Hike), Plaine-Champagne to Entrance of Chamarel (Hike), Chamarel to Case Noyale. (Bus), Case Noyale to La Balise Marina (Hike), La Balise Marina to Hidden Beach (Hike), Hidden Beach to La Balise Marina (Hike) and La Balise Marina to Quatre-Bornes (Bus). Distance covered 81.3 Kms; with a Hike of 50 Kms.


Insight : Data is everywhere but it needs a little push in order to be compiled and assessed to be relevant and allow to be useful to future use. f you wish to have a look at the people of this great  adventure here is a link to the Facebook album: http://bit.ly/2lgUW8Y 

Hence I worked my way to get some Data Visualization stuff out of it by following this simple process : gather the data, consider the relevant data, think about a clear way to display it and get the infographic material done. See Infographic as header.

More to come !



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