EP4 – Did you tried Vizualize.Me?

Hello People,

Last time I talked about my Linked In account. This update was really interesting for me as I learned a bit more about Data Visualization. Meanwhile; I came across a website allowing users to visualize their Linked In account in a more graphical way. Just try it for the fun if you got some time: http://vizualize.me/

For my part I got some high points on this overview and was also a bit deceived by the online software for some important reasons. Just have a look at this screenshot about the experience and education section.


The high points are mainly: the website is really user friendly, it shows the data in a clear way, applying custom features is allowed, it is a real eye catching display and indeed lot of editing is possible in the beta version.

However; the disadvantages are that: no additional HTML tags can be inputted, hence text cannot be aligned or break, on top of that fonts are limited and no full mobility is given for the section reordering and finally the tool is quite limited for  basic look and feel useful custom.

Never mind, this helps me to get a broader view of what can be done in data visualization but also fed my creativity. As, i guessed you have noticed, my actual artwork are sometimes showing a poor rendering and color matching is to be enhanced. Hence I will be continuing my searches to get better at these two important features of my future data visualization stuff.

Some great work to follow on this rendering thing in order to compete to such visual impact and get my charts clearer, smoother, nicer, epic and amazing. The midnight oil will be burned accordingly for the upcoming months to achieve such level !




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