EP3 – Bref : February 2017 Upate !

Hello People,

The last time I published an article in this section I focused on some goals. However, I forgot to give you a swift update about my progress… My bad. Those goals were the following :

Meanwhile I got some time to work on those and here are the completion dates in their respective order :

  • Linked In account; 10 February 2017: Worked on it in a ascended impulse mode. I started to look for best practices; then I focused on what I got as skills later on I just opened a word document and wrote all my description things and updated my links while adding up some smileys in order to get my text areas more appealing and striking. I think I have done my part as once this was completed I saw the account shift from some scattered words to a clear overview of my personal brand : Loïc Carré the future data scientist. ✅
  • Sociology course; 03 March 2017: This one was a hard one. Indeed going over 22 modules; and getting 2 assessments done with over 85% per test. It was a thing to get all this knowledge lean and comprehensive. Yeah; being a marketing guy, getting in the sociology world was not an easy task. Nevertheless, it was awesome to get such abundant knowledge about this topic. This helped me to have a broader view about my surroundings and this topped up my analytical skills of course. Thanks Alison; more to come on this website. ✅
  • Scout annual report; 08 February 2017: Once I was in it; it went fast. The plan goes like this; message from the Group Scout Leader, overviews, activities, finance, structure and future prospects. Working with my team; it was a piece of cake to get this done and having this document ready for the general annual meeting of my group. It is the second time I work on such a document and I really think that data organization and presentation is my daily DRUG as I enjoyed this to the fullest. Leaning forward to get more of this and more knowledge rolling on my doorstep. ✅
  • Acquire new skills; Undergoing: Oh yeah ! Got the sociology done, but also the 6 sigma yellow belt cleared. I am now getting my mathematics skills back on track; subscribed to a course on Python and left with some 70 additional ones on Alison. 2017 is going to be a great year for knowledge. Let us get the ball rolling, while time goes by and knowledge goes in. Booyah ! ⏰

Keeping you updated !


(FYI : Bref is a french word meaning, “To be short and sweet”)


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