EP5 – A glimpse of Data Statistics

Hello People,

Finally dropping some information and advances over this section. This article will be talking about books I have been reading to get my statistics skills updated and renewed; while also relating difficulties encountered in such work outs.

  • Statistics Essentials for Dummies, Deborah Rumsey, PhD, 2010.
  • Introducing Statistics A Graphic Guide, Eileen Magnello & Borin Van Loon
  • Statistics 1 & 2 A-Level, Dobbs & Miller

Understanding Statistics Analysis

According to the basic online definition (Wikipedia), Statistics is a branch of mathematics dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and organization of data. On the Other hand, another source (TechTarget) says that Statistics is a component of data analytics. In the context of business intelligence (BI), statistical analysis involves collecting and scrutinizing every data sample in a set of items from which samples can be drawn. But to get a simple definition; let us say that :

Statistics Analysis, is all about collecting and analyzing data in order to generate trends and data interpretations leading to conclusions and eventually effective decision making. Whether your passions are there will be data and statistics too…

Interpreting & Displaying Statistics

Once a set of data is obtained and analyzed; results are logically extracted. Those results may be mapped or displayed graphically (box plots, time charts, bar charts, histograms, pie charts, matrix charts, …).

Insight : But with the growing need for Data Science & Visualization; these basic graphical representations are now being reworked and/or merged in order to have infographic & lean representatives.

Indeed; Data is now the new SEXY and displaying it is no more limited to basic interpretation. Nowadays; visual counts and more than simply showing data; we should focus on appealing with the data. Hence; today, statistics display is all about being clear and appealing. The more appealing; the more interpretation will be easy for the target audience. Infographic & Design are now the game changers in the game of Statistics.

Why Considering Statistics?

I won’t be having long speeches. I just invite you to have a look at this short video; it says all about my article point of view and also why Statistics is the new black. By 2024; jobs for statisticians will grow by more than 25%; time to make the leap ! See Video

New stuff and analysis to follow.