EP6 – Let It Go Again…

Hello People,

Long time no see and long time no post in this section. Guess I was busy with my new job occupation. I got promoted… Ba-Dum-Tss… “Operating System Manager & Internal Data Analyst”. Yeah! A long job title indeed but a step closer to my aim of becoming a Data Scientist in the future.

First things first; this new job title got me busy indeed. I had the chance to do market analysis, getting involved in business planning strategies and of course working my econometric’s skills since a long.

Meanwhile; got a little bewildered today with the update of Alison. New interface, new way of doing things, new navigation style. While the website now has a “learning path” feature allowing to go top notch in one of the 60+ possible specializations while proposing myriad of sectors.

More recently, I participated in a “Survival Camp” during the last weekend with my Scout group. Got the chance to get new insights for the future camp to be organized for my venture team. Having eventually a wider scope for upcoming activities due to the learning points acquired. Here is the video if you wanna have a look…

You may be wondering what is the link between me being promoted, Alison update and my scout group. I will keep it short but sweet. Everyday, new challenges are encountered and we have 2 choices, either we complain or we get other it and generate learning points. In both cases data is generated and it all depends on our mind set to get the best of this acquired data pool.

For my part; I consider such alterations as a chance to start anew with insights and getting things done correctly in the future. My upcoming projects for the 3 following months are now scheduled :

  • Doing new courses on Udemy initiated & completed;
  • Doing new courses on Alison initiated & completed;;
  • Heading to get some training done on Big Data University;
  • Filling the empty categories of my blog with juicy articles;
  • Keeping the paste of at least 2-3 post per week;
  • Honing my work skills and learning all that could be done in my new job; and
  • Organizing for my venture scout an outstanding Survival Camp in July.

Seems like the to do is getting stuffed; but as goes the saying; keeping oneself busy allows to get the best out of it… The game is changing and the road to becoming a Data Scientist is harsh; but dedication will get me to my targeted destination.

Keeping you updated.



One thought on “EP6 – Let It Go Again…

  1. ‘dedication will get me to my targeted destination.’ – Well said. I consider ‘Believe and Achieve’ as my moto…it’s rather similar.

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