EP 7 – Data Visualization searched | learned | understood

Hello people,

Since I started DoctoRoad, I manage to get the best of available insights and to keep in touch with available market data. May it be local and international. Hence allowing me to get better analysis and visualization.

Dropped by a coffee shop this morning and while going to my table, with my awesome Americano and a fruity blueberry muffin, saw a magazine with main headline “Salary Survey 2017 – How have your earnings changed over the last year?”. I took a closer look at the magazine, it was a special edition of the Gulf Business – Celebrating 20 Years of insight analysis, April 2017.

The first thing I noticed in the article was that the dedicated cover. It was a mosaic of UAE coins. Followed by stick men, featuring the headline and a subtitle to get into the course.

Then Data Visualization heads in. Iconography is used to highlight different percentage  increase. For instance salary increase was displayed with a money related icon, a percentage and a highlight paragraph of less than 200 word with main figures and insights.

On the next page was displayed a stick man pyramid with a highlight k the o.49% average overall increase. This followed by the Asian Expat salary change via an icon, a percentage and a descriptive line. Finally a comparative ratio was illustrated for irregularities  between wages of Arabs (UAE native) and expats and main highlighted info was 22.7% of difference between UAE natives an Asian expats.

The next pages showed people with growth in salary according to working regions vs native country (e.g : Asian salary increases by 0.26% in Saudi Arabia, 7.3% for Qatar, and 0.34% Kuwait. After that comparative table came upon with monthly salaries per sector an job titles converted in dollars and of course a conclusion : “Let’s hope this optimism will be reflected in pay rises when our next survey arrives in 2018”.

Thanks Mr. Robert Anderson for this Insightful article!

So what did we learned ?

  • Design is a pillar of effective communication of ideas in data visualization.
  • Data must be broken down to its simplest form in order to generate insight an not headache.
  • Always support your work with reliable and easily checked information.
  • Add people to the whole lot as if no path is made for real comparison, people won’t get the essence of the thinking process.
  • Keep it simple Stupid !

From those learning points. This section of DoctoRoad will now take a new direction. The explanations are now over it is time to visualize real subjects and generate related insights for sharing.

DoctoRoad Data Visualization understood ✅✅✅




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