EP9 – Data Scientists rocking the house

Hello people,

We must agree. Having a role model really helps to navigate through the hardships. Yeah the latter is not always round the corner; but we got his/her way of thinking rooted deep inside us. We may also relate as the trivial axiom : WWMRMD.

What Would My Role Model Do ?

After all, If people manage to get someone on the moon, do advances in various fields, solve myriads of problems and deliver awesome solutions at a much larger scale, I honestly guess we can too!

So I was stumbling across Google and I came across a bunch of names. Some Data Scientist and their working resume. Yeah; some 200 words article won’t necessarily be insightful; but it give a glimpse of how did they reach to where they are. So let us wrap this up.

Thanks to Anaytics Vidhya for such an awesome article. Here goes the name of those data heroes…

First of all you get the Research Orientated Data Scientists : Geoffrey E. Hinton, Yann Lecun, Yoshua Bengio, Jurgen Schmidhuber, Alex “Sandy” Pentland, Peter Norvig, Corinna Cortes and Michael I. Jordan.

Then comes those who turned entrepreneurs : Andrew Ng, Daphne Koller, Hilary Mason, Sebastian Thrun, Jeff Hammerbacher, Jeremy Achin and Carla Gentry.

Finally comes some more name we may came across in our everyday life : DJ Patil, Adam Coates, Monica Rogati, Oliver Grisel, Owen Zhang, Sergey Yurgenson, Stanislav Semenov, Gilberto Titericz Jr., Kirk Borne and Doug Cutting.

Eventually, this list is not a complete one. But it is to note that those guys got their name to the pinnacles by doing what they love the most : Getting Data to Speak. Hence I will be going through what they achieved and made up my mind in the search of my theme.

Time to get my perfect Data Scientist template ready. After all, it is the role of this blog to track my research upon the existing profiles, models, methodologies and leading in the crafting of my own.


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