EP12 – Data Scientist : Yann Lecun

Hello People,

Here is the second article of my series concerning famous Data Scientists. Today we will speak about the famous Yann Lecun; Director of AI Research, Facebook; working on making machines smarter.

So we will follow the following steps.
(1) Who is this Data Scientist?
(2) What is his work about?
(3) How can I benefit of such learning insights in my career path & theme selection?

Who is this Data Scientist?

Being a French-born (July 8, 1960), Yann Lecun is a  computer scientist most noted for his work on  deep learning, optical character recognition and computer vision using convolutional neural networks (CNN). Author of publications dating from early 2000, the latter focuses on computational neuroscience, computer vision, mobile robotics, and machine learning.

In 2012, he became the founding director of the NYU Center for Data Science and since 2013 he became the first Director of AI Research, Facebook. In 2016, he is the visiting professor of computer science at Collège de France in Paris and was recently  awarded Doctor Honoris Causa by the IPN in Mexico City.

What is his work about?

For his contribution in the following fields: machine learning, computer vision, mobile robotics, computational neuroscience and engineering research, practice, or education, Lecun is mainly known for his legacy as co-developer of Lush object orientated programming language and as one of the main creators of DjVu image compression technology .

Known as a Silver Professor of Computer Science, Neural Science, and Electrical and Computer Engineering, Lecun also shows interest in data compression, digital libraries, the Physics of computation and all the applications of machine learning (vision, speech, language,document understanding, data mining, bioinformatics). Lecun received prestigious awards through his career such as: IEEE Neural Network Pioneer Award (2014) and PAMI Distinguished Researcher Award (2015).

Distinguished  as The “First” Director of AI Research, Facebook, Lecun is among those who popularize machine learning applications in business.

How can I benefit of such learning insights in my career path & theme selection?

Lecun is a great Data Scientist. However, I don’t think that I will study computer science to this extent. Although keeping in mind that I am data driven and that coding is data and logic; I wish only to have an applicable level of knowledge. Nevertheless, I think that considering his critical thinking in my aim to apply machine learning for databases analysis and algorithm will of course be an outstanding advantage in my learning track.

Conclusion : Lecun’s work is to be considered as an important reference for me for his application of AI over business (Facebook). On top of that, the latter do brings in great insights over data mining and machine learning. However, Lecun is an Engineer and is inclined to do research work related to coding and programming. Thus, Lecun, could not be considered as a role model for me due to my career orientations being more data focus than technological focus. Nevertheless the latter remains a top notch reference in the field of Data Science.



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