EP17 – Data Scientist : Corinna Cortes

Hello People,

Here is the seventh article of my series concerning famous Data Scientists. Today we will speak about the only woman provided by Quora list for research Data Scientist, Corinna Cortes. Famed as a Data Scientist for awesome science background, her analytical skills and indeed her fabulous intervention at the Women Techmakers Summit.

So we will follow the following steps.
(1) Who is this Data Scientist?
(2) What is his work about?
(3) How can I benefit of such learning insights in my career path & theme selection?

Who is this Data Scientist?

Being a Danish-born (We don’t ask a women for her age), Corinna Cortes is a  computer scientist most noted for work in the fields of machine learning, artificial neural network and artificial intelligence applications. Author of some really valuable papers dating from early 1990, the latter focuses on artificial intelligence, physics related thinking and machine learning.

In 2000, she was awarded the AT&T Science and Technology Medal for her work on data-mining in very large data sets. In 2008, she jointly with Vladimir Vapnik received the Paris Kanellakis Theory and Practice Award for the development of a highly effective algorithm for supervised learning known as support vector machines (SVM) – one of the most frequently used algorithms in machine learning.

Corinna Cortes is the Head of Google Research, working on a broad range of theoretical and applied large-scale machine learning problems.

What is his work about?

Starting as a physician/mathematician, Cortes moved later on into computer science. Then the latter worked on applied math while being involved in data mining until going to Google. There she highly contributed to Google Image and Google Image Swirl via vectors present in the images. She also highly worked on deeper data analysis while contributing to create Google Trend using correlation theorems.

How can I benefit of such learning insights in my career path & theme selection?

Cortes is an awesome Data Scientist. Although I was not able to gather sufficient amount of data on the web and related material; i do get as insight that this women is a real data genius. Indeed; bearing in mind that she got there by starting in maths, then physics, then computer science, then AT&T and now Google; she contributes in enhancing technology search tools of today.

Conclusion :Cortes is to be considered as a prodigy in her humble approach of problem solving via data. Via her contributions mainly to Google Trends, Google Correlation, Google Search and Google Image Search; I must admit that i was inspired. Being on the track of learning Python; I can see myself doing some coding while applying my analytical skills coupled with my economics background. Hence data mining, data correlation and related theorems are to be my daily load. Thus, Cortes, should be considered as a role model for me due to my career orientations being close to the projects she is working on mostly related to data extrapolation, analysis, insights gathering applied to sectors to devise solutions.



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