EP20 – DoctoRoad glimpse update

Hello People,

BOOM! Ep20 is out!

Nearly 4 months I am working on my DoctoRoad and I keep learning. Through my courses I am now getting knowledge about complex data analysis and new tools like SQL server (So Satisfying).

However it is time to get a review of my milestones updated. As far as I can see, I guess that once I finish my A-Z data science course from Udemy the ball will start rolling faster.

  • First of all, I got to finish my Famous Data Scientist section. I already finished the banner design (Booyah!) and I will drop “hopefully” by end of May 10 articles about those awesome freaks Data Scientist Entrepreneurs.
  • On the other hand, I will get deeper in coding. So my course about Python will have to wait some more. It is far time for me to land a solid programming skills base. Thus I will go through 101 programming, review my HTML and CSS skills for my future Data Visualizations.
  • Finally I need to get my SQL skills top notch hence back to analysis in order to hone my knowledge and skills.

Strengthen by new methodology and insight the month of June will be the start of analysis deliverable. Got some data sets from my country’s statistics office and this will be a good starting point…

So much thrilling stuff to follow. Can’t help to be excited about what is going to shine to my future findings. June be ready as DoctoRoad is getting Serious!

More to come. Stay tuned.



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