EP27 – Data Scientist : Carla Gentry

Hello People,

Here is the fifteenth article of my series concerning famous Data Scientists. We will be focused on Data Scientist who turned Entrepreneur. This article is the last for the Data Scientist turning Entrepreneur section. Today we will talk about the self proclaimed, data nerd, Carla Gentry. From Johnson & Johnson to Hershey to Kraft to Kellogg’s to Firestone then founding Analytical Solution.

So we will follow the following steps.

(1) Who is this Data Scientist?

(2) What is his work & Entrepreneur project are about?

(3) How can I benefit of such learning insights in my career path & theme selection?

Who is this Data Scientist?

Carla Gentry is a Data Scientist at Talent Analytics, Corps. She carries an invaluable experience of over 20 years which includes working for Fortune 500 companies like Hershey, Kraft, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s and Firestone. She is one of the most popular personalities in Big Data community to follow on Twitter. Gentry, is currently owner and data scientist at Analytical Solution her dedicated blog. While collaborating at Talent Analytics.


What is his work about?

Gentry accumulates a broad word experience in the data science field. With expertise covering various value added reporting and research like comprehensive customer satisfaction and retention analysis, brand research & competitive analysis, employee retention research, survey creation & analysis, database creation and mining, social media & coupon, incentive promotions and project management (Scrum Certified).

With such a pool of skills she was able to act as a liaison between the IT department and the Executive staff. Allowing her to take huge complicated databases, decipher business needs and come back with intelligence that quantifies spending, profit and trends. According to Gentry, being called a data nerd is a badge of courage for this curious Mathematician/Economist because knowledge is power and companies are now acknowledging its importance.

“Social media without a purpose is like posting a billboard with your logo but no brand message or call to action.” –  Carla Gentry


How can I benefit of such learning insights in my career path & theme selection?

Gentry, excluding her inspiring personal background really gets me motivated. Because, as her, I have a Marketing / Maths / Economic background. As her I got project management skills. As her I focused on getting Data Science as a tool to enhance my actual skills tool set. Gentry, being  concerned about problem solving and related business analytics to enhance the use of data, is among those who use Data Science in order to generate predictions while forecasting solutions. With a massive brand background and marketing related work; Gentry goes over the simple brand recognition prism but allows Data to manage real brand dedicated strategies. I am really impress of her longevity in the field and to the experience she did build throughout the years.

Gentry is for sure to be considered as a role model. Considering that she maintains a highly motivating blog while juggling with data and bringing value to figures; she is a self-proclaimed Data Nerd who is worth the title. Being considered as a Data Guru over Twitter, she is indeed a source of insight and knowledge. Thus, Gentry being in total alignment to my future goals in the data field. I can genuinely say that she is to be considered as a role model.



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