EP30 – Programming? Damn!

Hello People,

While doing some research in order to get into the programming prism; I feel like having the first words of “The sound of silence – Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel” hitting in my head: Hello Darkness my old Friend,  I’ve come to talk with you again!

Holy Molly! Being someone who knows some HTML, random MySQL functions and how to navigate while understanding some source code of websites (via Inspect); I must admit that learning to code more complex languages is hard when you do not know where to start… So how to do?

First of all; I came to the conclusion that simply typing: “Understanding PHP & MySQL” or going on random tutorials with no end in mind; simply leads nowhere. Since starting my DoctoRoad I was talking about getting on Python and related stuff; but, not being  a programming genius; I got lost on my road. Instead I focused on getting in touch with different programming languages, while trying to figure out how do they work…

Nevertheless; I finally understood that with no real end in mind with what to do about coding I will be heading nowhere as the itinerary is blurred – although knowing that I want to build apps and use them in my data analysis…

So, I started to look for Desktop App tutorials; then (back to square one) I looked for programming languages for amateurs (as a kick start), afterwards I completed some other lectures about programming and while reading some additional reviews. Conclusion; I must get my mind focused on what applications I need to build and what functions lists I need to master in order to proceed with programming…

I agree, I could have come to such a conclusion before; but bearing in my that I am a learning freak and that I get easily lost with this “inf-obesity”, I think that I had to get through this.

Becoming a Data Scientist is rather hard. Now I tend even to realise and clearly understand why most of them come from a Computer Programming background – it makes the shift easier. Indeed; it is easier to develop and analytic mind towards data than to get a programming mind towards it… Anyway; some of my role models did not either start as computer programmers and do come from a business background.

Hence; I will take my time and build up the related skills while continuing my search and researches. Lesson learned!



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