EP30 – Programming? Damn!

Hello People,

While doing some research in order to get into the programming prism; I feel like having the first words of “The sound of silence – Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel” hitting in my head: Hello Darkness my old Friend,  I’ve come to talk with you again!

Holy Molly! Being someone who knows some HTML, random MySQL functions and how to navigate while understanding some source code of websites (via Inspect); I must admit that learning to code more complex languages is hard when you do not know where to start… So how to do?Read More »


EP29 – Next Milestone: Programming

Hello People,

While completing a course on UDEMY (Another one), namely, Programming 101; I encountered some new jargon. Namely: primitive data, nouns, adjectives, verbs, variables, constants, functions, parameters, arguments, objects, arrays, elements, hierarchy and operators.

This got me thinking of Jeremy Achin and his theory about fake data scientist out there. His main insight about this axiom of his was that on the road to becoming a data scientist; the road to follow is as follow: Statistics, Programming, Algorithm, Practical Knowledge leading to Real World Experience.

However, the learning path can be “Shortcut-ed” by skipping the three first stages and get to Practical Knowledge and Real World Experience. This was materialized by his DataRobot Project. Conclusion, pondering is getting real!Read More »

EP28 – Boom! 15 Bios done & theme found!

Hello People,

The months of May and June were very insightful. I committed myself to do the bios of Research Orientated Data Scientist and Data Scientist turning Entrepreneurs. While, some of the profiles were really interesting, others were a bit off the pitch for me due to the engineering background.

However I managed to get those bios done and ended up with drawing the contours of my theme as a Data Scientist :

“Using data while inputting energy and thinking, and delivering insights and enlightenment in various fields to be understood and used by everybody!”

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EP20 – DoctoRoad glimpse update

Hello People,

BOOM! Ep20 is out!

Nearly 4 months I am working on my DoctoRoad and I keep learning. Through my courses I am now getting knowledge about complex data analysis and new tools like SQL server (So Satisfying).

However it is time to get a review of my milestones updated. As far as I can see, I guess that once I finish my A-Z data science course from Udemy the ball will start rolling faster.Read More »

EP19 – Data Science? Data Scientist? Duh?

Hello  People,

While being busy learning a lot about Data Scientists; I managed to get 8 articles done on Research Orientated Data Scientist. Meanwhile, I also had a look at some advanced courses of Kirill Eremenko  and  V2 Maestros courses on Udemy.

Let us say that things got clearer and tools to achieve my goals are getting closer to my grasp. Sharing you some vocabulary may help you as much it helped me to get the related knowledge. Read More »

EP9 – Data Scientists rocking the house

Hello people,

We must agree. Having a role model really helps to navigate through the hardships. Yeah the latter is not always round the corner; but we got his/her way of thinking rooted deep inside us. We may also relate as the trivial axiom : WWMRMD.

What Would My Role Model Do ?

After all, If people manage to get someone on the moon, do advances in various fields, solve myriads of problems and deliver awesome solutions at a much larger scale, I honestly guess we can too!

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