EP19 – Data Science? Data Scientist? Duh?

Hello  People,

While being busy learning a lot about Data Scientists; I managed to get 8 articles done on Research Orientated Data Scientist. Meanwhile, I also had a look at some advanced courses of Kirill Eremenko  and  V2 Maestros courses on Udemy.

Let us say that things got clearer and tools to achieve my goals are getting closer to my grasp. Sharing you some vocabulary may help you as much it helped me to get the related knowledge. Read More »


EP5 – A glimpse of Data Statistics

Hello People,

Finally dropping some information and advances over this section. This article will be talking about books I have been reading to get my statistics skills updated and renewed; while also relating difficulties encountered in such work outs.

  • Statistics Essentials for Dummies, Deborah Rumsey, PhD, 2010.
  • Introducing Statistics A Graphic Guide, Eileen Magnello & Borin Van Loon
  • Statistics 1 & 2 A-Level, Dobbs & Miller

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