About my Docto Road…

Hello World…

I am Loïc Carré, born Mauritian and future Data Scientist. This blogs gets its name from my actual starting point to my goal. So it will relate my path or road to the PhD (being named Doctorat in French, so Docto in short).

Why this blog?

This blog was born from a self initiative to track all my path from random guy fond of statistics and data to a PhD Data Scientist. Yeah ! This is a goal I aim since obtaining my Master Degree in Business Intelligence and trying to find a career path suiting me for the upcoming years.

How come this Data Scientist thing?

In fact; I was googling and reading reviews (as usual) and found the Data Scientist thing on HBR being rated as the Sexiest job of 2016. Damn ! For the first time brainy job was considered SEXY AS F**K. So I took the decision of getting into this great adventure over the 5 following years and become a PhD Data Scientist in 2021.

Who is the Data Scientist?

According to various articles and videos I have the chance to read and see, a major tendency emanated: “The Data Scientist can be of multiple nature; the latter can either be the an Excel Sheets Master and making figures speak, or  a Data Visualization Artist, or a Virtuoso of Statistics, or an ERP/CRM Expert, or a  MySQL Practitioner, or a  Data Mining Ninja, or even better ALL OF THE ABOVE.”

And I guess you’ve made up your mind on which kind of Data Scientist I want to become?

How will I get there?

First of all, I need to get my mathematics level top notch, fine tune my analytical skill, power up my general knowledge and get to learn some coding. Hence to get these done; for the upcoming years (2017 & 2018) here is my plan :

  1. I subscribed to a myriad of courses on Alison;
  2. I subscribed to a Python Mega-Course on Udemy; and
  3. I am working on lots of exciting projects.

The aim is to get all done by the end of this period and to get skills ready to kick start projects. Meanwhile, I am also following case studies, doing some application work on random websites and indeed sharing knowledge in think tanks while building up new skills.

As from 2018, I will be starting my PhD with all my acquired knowledge, revolutionize Data Science by becoming the best Data Scientist of my country and why not of all my region?

2021 has the answer, meanwhile let us start this journey !

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